Enrich Your Data
Upload and
This is the first product (MVP) created with the money from investors
We collected this money at pre-ico and did the things that we promised.
Before the deadline stated in the roadmap
have been collected
For business
For residents
For investors
Enrich your data without programming skills
We created a simple and convenient platform for markup of data
You are uploading the data
Than show how to mark it
Platform residents mark it up
You get the enriched data
Earn on data markup
We did Telegram bot to enrich the data
You connect to the Telegram bot
Mark the date by simply clicking on the answer options
Receive money
Watch a detailed video
You will learn how to use the Data Marker from this video
Make Money from Investments
Investors who invested money in October increased their investments fivefold
The sale of tokens through the ICO will stop
on May 25, 2018
Have Time to Buy and Make Money
An example of the work performed
for Pixel Gun
The work is done on the GraphGrail platform
Pixel Gun is a game for smartphones, which have been downloaded more than 140 million times
1000+ comments per day on Google Play and AppStore
2 employees
salary of 140,000 rubles
response time for a feedback - 3 days

Employees manually sorted out feedbacks and divided them into 3 categories:

Important - related to payment;
With secondary importance - related to bugs in the game;
Low importance - the rest;

Important feedbacks was sent to the employee of the Quality Control Department.

0 employees
salary of 0 rubles
response time for feedback - 2 minutes

Now the solution created on the GraphGrail platform perform all the work instead of the employees:

1. View feedbacks on Google Play and AppStore;
2. Divide them into 3 categories;
3. The application sends important feedbacks to the employee of the Quality Control Department.
Data Marker already operates and is the part of a large ecosystem
Coming soon:
Application Designer

to perform work with text

Marketplace of ready solutions

for trade with other users
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